2010年1月29日 星期五

Grupong Kampana 菲律賓籍樂團

Grupong Kampana 菲律賓籍樂團



                                                                             張詠斯 何怡諄 採訪 蔣榮福 撰稿



 所有的團員全是外籍勞工,因為身處異鄉又熱愛音樂,在團長Marlo 的邀合下

 頗有音樂底子的五位團員一齊組成Grupong Kampana 樂團。


 樂團如鐘響 清新亦快樂


    透過JIMI 李哲銘的樂器借助與VINA的場地配合,讓這群生性好動的外籍朋友,找到一個音樂情感的出口。白天在東徽公司上班的Marlo: 『我們團員是星期日在天主教會禮拜時互相認識。 原本,在菲律賓就玩樂器,大家興趣高一拍即合,每週六晚上來此練習。』 『我自己在菲律賓、高雄也做過DJ,及在PUB 工作過。』  Marlo清楚解釋地說: 『樂團名稱grupong是團隊的意思, kampana是響鐘,也就是說希望樂團能如鐘響,讓大家都聽得清新快樂。』


相對於團長的善談,其他團員顯得羞澀寡言。所有團員一一到齊後,Marlo 一一介紹給我們認識,計有: Romy 吉他手在台灣福興、 Rod 鼓手在安拓工作、Aldrin 貝司吉他手,台灣福興工作、 Boy edgar吉他手、 Bryan 第二歌手。在相互寒喧及滿室煙霧的情緒醞釀下,團員開始調音準備。 Marlo Bryan清喉後, 為我們各唱了菲律賓的名謠與情歌,唱跳具佳的Bryan綁了一頭長髮,長得秀氣 唱起情歌,丰采亦亦,頗得人緣。



菲律賓人 性情悠哉      


 Marlo :『平時,我們樂團也受邀去表演,如上星期六去楠梓一家PUB做表演,純粹興趣不收費。』  Jimi補充說:『上次,岡山鎮公所舉辦的河堤搖滾,就有 grupong kampana的協助。」當我們問到何不開間Piano Pub Music Bar ? Marlo笑著說: 『會倒店啦!』畢竟,玩樂團的目的是興趣大於營利。 來台多年的Marlo在聊天的同時,也談到 『 菲律賓人時間多,性情悠哉,台灣人太愛賺錢,沒時間休息享受。 MONEY!  MONEY!  但若你累倒了! MONEY會在那呢? Marlo一語就道出台灣人與菲律賓人不同的生活價值觀!


週末夜 愛樂細胞在跳躍



          An unbelievable music secret in Gangshan


Do you know that in Gangshan we have a rock band called Grupong

Kampana? This band is formed by 6 great music lovers who gather together to practice on every weekend. They come from the Philippines . At daytime, they work hard like all labor friends, but in those nights, they become transformed into hot and talented stage artists.

  In Filipino, Grupong means team, while Kampana means bell. And as the name itself implies, they hope their music can bring happiness and joy to everyone, just like the chiming bells, so melodious sweet and crystal clear. Marlo is the leader of the band and also the singer. He had fantastic experience working as a D.J. in the Philippines and Kaohsiung and is rather out going in personality. Romy is the lead guitarist, while Rod is the drummer. The bassist is Aldrin, Boy Edgar is the 2nd guitarist, Bryan is the 2nd  singer.

They come to know each other through the church gathering and congregation. They have been invited to perform in many different occasions and places, all free of charge, just simply for sake of interest and fun. As Marlo said, they formed this band solely for interest and not as a mean for making money. Marlo had come to Taiwan for several years and had made a good point comparing the different social value between these two countries. That is - Filipinos tend to lead a slower pace of life than Taiwanese, having more time for leisure and fun, while Taiwanese are  used to a more hectic pace for making money and hence lesser time for rest and relaxation. But, what would happen if one lost his health would he still have time to enjoy the money he made? Marlo questioned.

At daytime, they strive hard, helping to promote Taiwans economy , however, the music element in their bodies become activated under the induction of electronic guitar at night. Meanwhile, they are homesick, longing for their loved ones, which like the surrounding smog, is getting thicker and thicker along with the music.





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